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Are you wondering about what is article submission and how it can help your websites? Article submission is one of the famous and one of the oldest link building methods known to the SEO industry. If you have a website and if you don’t know what is article submission, then it is better time to learn you about this link building strategy and use it to boost your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Search engines give huge importance to back links, many link building strategies have come into the SEO industry. Article submission allows users to submit their article contents to the article directories and have their links in the author resource box. It’s very important that we have to get good quality back links for our website. All the Search engine web masters worked on this premise and article submission was used as one of the major link building strategies. There are hundreds thousands of articles to the name of assured webmasters in the article directories. To get your links from article submission sites, you will have to compile a complete list of article directories and start signing up for your free account. Once you sign up for your free account, you can start to submit your articles.

The articles that you are going to submit will have a title, article body, keywords, summary in some cases and author resource text. Each and every article submission sites will have its own submission guidelines. While the guidelines are followed perfectly, article directories will approve your articles. Without this approval, your articles will not be accepted by the other users or by the search engines. So you have to follow the guidelines closely so that you get your back links for your website through your submissions.

There is no use of submitting to hundreds of article directories without getting your articles approved. There are couples of other benefits to submitting articles. For this submission your website gets a amount of traffic to your website through article submissions. You can easily increase your organic traffic count using article submissions. The main thing is article submissions to get permanent one way links for your website. Internet article marketing is the method of writing articles, and submitting them to the article directories all over the Internet.

Article Submission Features

If you are looking for 100% manual article submission service, then you can contact us. We deliver the high quality article submission services at the most affordable prices. In our article submission service includes both article creation and submission. Most of the article submission companies on the web today fail to handle article submissions in a specialized way. They frequently use of article submission tools and automate the entire process to submission.

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